Outreach Funding

Restoration Christian Fellowship is driven to make an impact locally, nationally, and globally. We believe in assisting our local community as well as abroad. Our focus is to restore lives and rebuild dreams through spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Donations and Contributions:

There are several ways to support Restoration Christian Fellowship. Supporters can donate their time, talent and treasures. 


Community volunteers are welcomed within RCF. We can always use a helping hand during our local and community events. Volunteer by contacting one of our RCF Community Liasons.  


RCF allows your gift and talent to make room for you. Do you have a talent that can benefit the community, nation, or nations? If so, please contact an RCF Ministry Member below.  


Restoration Christian Fellowship is a nonprofit organization. We work with the sole purpose of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. Monetary donations help us further spread the gospel. 

Restoration Christian Fellowship is thankful for every contribution and donation both large and small. We are grateful for your time, talent, and your treasure. 

Donate to the homeless

Do you have clothes, hygiene products, or canned goods? RCF has a donation drive that supports feeding and clothing the homeless.